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Shoe Repair Shop

Established over 23 years ago, Prahran Market Shoe Repairs is a family-owned shoe repair shop in South Yarra, Melbourne.

We offer an unrivalled shoe repair and alteration service using a combination of traditional techniques and modern tools.

Unsurpassed quality and expertise

Whether you need a quick fix for your favourite pair of pumps, or a complete overhaul of your lacklustre riding boots, visit Prahran Market Shoe Repairs. With a team of expert craftsmen, you can count on us for honest services, quick turnarounds and impeccable quality, all at a reasonable price.

Our services include specialist stitching, heel re-covering and replacements, insole replacements and shoe stretching. We also repair leather bags, including lock fittings.

Transparent services, quick turnarounds and impeccable quality

Shoe Repair Shop St Kilda,
Shoe Repair Shop St Kilda,

Complete rebuilding of downtrodden footwear

No matter how loved a pair of shoes is, many people will throw them away and buy a new pair if they get damaged or destroyed instead of simply getting them repaired.

With a full range of repair services available for both men and women’s shoes, Prahran Market Shoe Repairs can restore your footwear and leather goods back to their original condition. To do this, we combine the most effective techniques and tools ranging from traditional to modern.

Footwear restoration is our speciality!

A full range of repair services for both men and women’s shoes


Our services include:

  • Specialist stitching
  • Heel replacement
  • Insole replacement
  • Zip replacement
  • Custom re-crafting
  • Rubber resoling

For specialist shoe repair services, choose Prahran Market Shoe Repairs!